4 of Paula’s Favorite Looks From Spring/Summer 2017

This spring/summer I wanted to put together a collection that had intricate details while retaining simplicity.  The goal was to emphasize the core of what a knit really is by creating pieces to mix and match for any occasion. With summer now here, this is a good time to showcase some essentials for your wardrobe and how they can be paired together.

  1. Aubrey Gown


The abstract structure of this dress turned out to be completely flawless. When I envisioned this piece I was inspired by geometric shapes and endless lines to create a design that is everlasting. With the abstract print and the color, this is a piece that will not go unnoticed while you’re wearing it.


PH Blog Post- Cheyenne Dress

Intended to be worn as a classic fit and flare, this dress ultimately became dual function. While shooting this piece at the photoshoot, a spontaneous decision was made to photograph the dress with the collar up. Instantly it became a brand new look and blossoming one dress into the idea of two.



Subtle but designed with refined details, the cap sleeve structure is the perfect way to TOP it off. This Pinafore dress offers a black top and base but the skirt comes in a choice of several vibrant colors which you can see in other pieces of my Spring/Summer collection. Whether you’re on the way to work or ready for a night out on the town, this two toned polka dot “beaute” will become your next favorite.


4. Tracy Jacket/Georgine Skirt


Smooth lines transform this combo into the perfected geometric dream. Made with lightweight yarns, the framework makes the garment easy-to-breathe. Created as “sport couture” I wanted to keep these pieces easy to mix and match with other pieces of the collection. The scallop build of the skirt wears as a wrap, giving an asymmetrical look.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy wearing these four looks and the rest of the collection as much as I enjoyed designing it.





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Mannequin Challenge at the Spring 2017 Photoshoot!

Intrigued by the #mannequinchallenge videos that are going viral day to day, Paula Hian decided to take the challenge for herself. The other week at the Spring/Summer 2017 photoshoot in Brooklyn, we had everyone on board. Hard to believe that we pulled off such steadiness in just ONE take but the final product stands for itself. Enjoy OUR very own version of the Mannequin Challenge… Paula Hian Style
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Spring / Summer 2017: COMING SOON
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Fashion Tip of the Week: Leather Jackets

IMG_2465 IMG_2463

Jetsetting can be exhausting & especially if you are designer, Paula Hian. Between designing new collections, production in France, meetings in NYC, & the showroom in Philadelphia, Paula is always on the go.  One fashion move you can count on from her – never leaving home without one of her very own leather jackets. 

Leather Jackets are one of the most essential pieces you can have in your closet. The right leather jacket can go a long way, turning a simple outfit into a luxurious chic look.
Designing a new jacket every season, Paula ‘keeps-the-chic’ with clean cuts and flawless lines. Each jacket made to perfection, the Italian-lambskin never ceases to disappoint.
Paula’s designs are architectural and she limelights on the detail. Targeting the cuts and the lines makes each jacket to be her own masterpiece. Changing styles up with patent leather & unique colors is how Paula keeps things interesting. Now they are knitted together with stretch viscose inserts keeping them inviting, a bit edgy and classic at the same time.
Whether its another day at work or a night out on the town, a leather jacket can spice up any outfit or any occasion.
(Gemma Jacket/Dorothee Dress #SS15) (Gemma Jacket/Sydney Dress #SS15)

2015 Fall/Winter Talks with Marie Claire, Hearst International, Women’s Health and Town & Country.

Last week, Paula Hian met with New York City’s top fashion editors to share her 2015 Fall/Winter Collection and mood board with each one.

Paula Hian:Mood Board

Starting her day with just a decaf coffee, Paula first met with Vladimyr Pierre-Louis, Fashion Editor at Women’s Health. ()

Paula and Vlad chatted a little in French when they discovered one of many common bonds- Paula speaks & writes in French daily since she makes all collections in France and Vlad being of French Creole descent!
Vlad loved her body conscious styles such as the matelasse shorts, jumpsuit and bold color combinations found in all the cinderblock styles.

Vladimyr Pierre:Mood Board:Paula Hian                                      PaulaNYC1

Next, Paula met with Craig Montague, Editorial Assistant at Town & Country where he picked his favorite pieces out of Paula’s 2015 Fall/Winter Collection. (@TandCmag)

Loving the elegant Elaina fit and flair matelesse dress in fuchsia, the understated but sexiness of the georgette Apollina dress and Carina blouse and again the bold cinderblock pieces- all appealing to the Town & Country reader.

Craig Montague:Town&Country:PaulaHian    Paula & Town&Country

Later in the afternoon Paula met with Michelle Guerrere, the Fashion Features Associate at Marie Claire Magazine. (@mguerrere / )

Here again the cinder-blocking was a hit as Michelle loved Paula’s graphic designs and sense of color, shape and style. Michelle instagrams the mood board making Paula’s day!

PaulaHian:MichelleGuerrere Mood Board    Paula Hian: Michelle Guerrere Clothing

Keeping on schedule, the last meeting of the day was with Jessie Ajluni, Fashion Editor at Hearst International. (@HearstCorp) Jessie loved Paula’s ideas and inspirations for her 2015 Fall/Winter Collection along with all the other editors… the cinder-blocking concept seemed to be the editor-pick of the day!

Paula & Bazaar    Paula Hian:Hearst International